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As business owners, we're always looking to protect our business from predatory litigation, and digital accessibility has become more real than ever as lawsuits are swiftly on the rise. On the bright side, getting your website accessible could open it up to a $600 billion global market and help you grow your business.

Section 508 & WCAG 2.1 are the Standards to Meet

Digital accessibility isn’t new. Historically, only government agencies and organizations doing business with the government have been required to make their websites accessible to the disabled. So, don't feel bad if you have never heard of it, public awareness is just now coming into the mainstream due to an increase in lawsuits that involve large to small businesses.  

Unfortunately, there is not a specified set of rules that we can call "law," but, with recent events that include the final Supreme Court ruling in the Domino's Pizza vs Robles case, making your website accessible has become an urgent matter. Luckily, W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) has helped to create a set of guidelines known as WCAG, which has been adopted by courts in all ADA website accessibility cases as a way to for businesses to learn how to minimize the risk of litigation.

Why Should I Make My Website Accessible?

Getting your website compliant isn’t just about putting a badge on your website. It’s about the process of getting it compliant. Most websites and apps have millions of lines of code, so, it’s important to have a combination of software automation to detect all issues plus skilled human auditors doing a manual review. This human audit is offered because not all compliance issues can be detected or resolved through software alone.

After compliance issues are resolved, then you’re ready to let the world know your digital functionality is just as accessible to those with disabilities as those without. 

Does this protect against litigation? 

There is nothing out there that can guarantee protection against litigation. However, making your website accessible is the only way to minimize the risk of litigation and the only way to defend yourself from litigation.

But websites and apps are always changing… Don’t they fall out of compliance?

Overall page layouts and menus will rarely change without a major update. Most often it’s the regular content updates, new landing pages, blogs, and page updates that make a website fall out of compliance.    
This is why we offer ongoing compliance management. Whether you are on a platform such as Wordpress or on our own SaaS platform we can monitor and report regularly on the current state of compliance, pinpointing content and other issues that need maintenance. 

What Is The Process

The process is simple, we will audit your site and then make a recommendation to remediate or start fresh with a new website

Step 1: Audit and Report

First, we scan your website with our proprietary software to check for accessibility, usability and compatibility issues. If you choose our full reporting plan, we will perform a human audit as well. All of this information is then compiled into a report that details all violations as well as our recommended steps to address each issue. 

Step 2: Recommendations

Once you’ve received your report, we will review it and will provide you with recommendations to implement remediation or, if it makes more sense for your budget and brand, create a new website from scratch. Have in mind that, if your website is 3 years old or older, you will want to revamp it no matter what. 

Getting Started

Website accessibility requires a unique approach for each site. So, our process starts with a free strategy call with our accessibility experts. During that time we can answer any question you might have. Take the first step towards an accessibility compliant website by clicking the button and request a free consultation.

Choose the Right Report for Your Organization

It includes a full audit performed by an actual human being, full automated report detailing all WCAG 2.1 level A and AA violations as well as usability and compatibility issues.
You can choose this option if you prefer not to have a human audit. It would include a deep, automated scan of your website showing accessibility, usability and compatibility issues.
Yes! It includes: initial full human + automated deep scan and Re-Audit and Re-Certification Every 6 Months. If you have a Wordpress website (or similar platform), you can also chose to have your website monitored and scan automatically every month. If you are on our SaaS platform, we will run our "sniffer" every month to make sure you are still in compliance.
This is great! The life of a website is between 2-3 years. If you have a 5 year old website, it might be time to start thinking about a new site. We can help you redesign and program a new site on Wordpress OR a template base website on our SaaS platform.
Our SaaS platform is built to make things easy for you. All design blocks, fonts, forms, etc. have already been tested to be accessible. So, all you have to do is choose one of our templates and customize it to your brand colors and overall style guidelines. You can have a whole new website in just a couple of hours, and, best of all, fully compliant. To find out more about our plans, visit:

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